This city is famous for many different reasons, and for the short time I was here, I tried to indulge as much as I could in each. I started my morning in Modena trying to work up an appetite walking around the Enzo Ferrari Museum salivating over the unbelievable work of arts known to the general public as cars. After a visually stimulating morning, I went on to tease my appetite with the scent of parmesan cheese. I was extremely lucky to have a private tour of a parmigiano reggiano factory, seeing the process of the cheese making start to finish and ending with a tasting that included their top selling cheese to their most prized and rare varieties. Wandering through the streets of Modena, you get a real sense of this city's culture from beautiful architecture and roadways left from the Romans, to ultra modern impressions of Italy. I ended my visit to Modena in a very special way, having the opportunity to dine at Massimo Bottura's 3 Michelin star and currently ranked number 2 in the world restaurant, Osteria Francescana. Very different than some other famous chefs, Massimo was just as sweet in person as he appears on TV. I had the extreme pleasure of enjoying a 13 course tasting menu that was a mixture of some of his most famous dishes and other avant garde dishes from his experimental kitchen. I've been lucky enough to eat at my fair share of 3 Michelin star restaurants around the world, but what I was most impressed by at Osteria Francescana was the way Massimo used the traditional Emilia Romagna flavors and transformed them into 3 stared dishes. It's clear that his passion for traditional Italian food and culture is what fuels his creativity.